Roanoke Rapids Theatre Media Policy
  1. Please avoid the use of tripods in common areas, as they can cause a trip hazard to guests. We encourage the use of monopods.

  2. Please avoid flash photography, as it can distract performers and guests. No flash of any kind is allowed inside the building.

  3. For quality images, we suggest F/1.2 – F/2.8 lenses, which perform well in low light and perform well in the venue.

  4. Media are invited to shoot from any of the following designated areas for the first three songs of the main act’s performance.

See image below for details on media designated areas.

  1. Walkway entrances to the theatre, to either side of ‘MEZZ CENTER’ section

  2. Beside the production table in front of ‘MEZZ CENTER’ section

  3. On the outside isle of ‘FLOOR RIGHT’ and ‘FLOOR LEFT’ sections

media areas.png

For more information on media related

concerns you can contact​ the following.

RRT Media/PR


RRT Info Line: 

(252) 536-3333